Course Introduction

Linux System Administering Part I course provides a foundation level of knowledge to delegates who wish to become full-time Linux System Administrators. The course will introduce you to key command line concepts and other enterprise-level tools. An advanced version of these concepts is explained in the follow-on course. To prepare for Linux certified system administrator exam both courses are required.

Linux System Administering Part I

Linux System Administration I provides a foundation for delegates who want to become full-time Linux system administrators by introducing the concepts of a key command line and various other enterprise-level tools. This course focuses on providing delegates with Linux administration skills by focusing on core administration tasks.

Course Content

Access command line and manage files

  • Login to Linux system
  • Run simple commands using shell

Manage files from command line

  • Copy, create, move, delete and organise files from bash shell prompt

Getting help in Linux

  • Resolve problems using online help systems
  • Support utilities.

Create, view, and edit text files

  • Create, view, and edit text files from command output or an editor

Manage local Linux users and groups

  • Manage local Linux groups and users
  • Administer local password policies

Control access to files with Linux file system permissions

  • Set Linux file system permissions on files
  • Know the security effects of different permission settings

Monitor and manage Linux processes

  • Obtain information about the system
  • Control processes running on Linux

Control services and daemons

  • Control and monitor network services
  • Control system daemons using the system.

Configure and secure OpenSSH service

  • Access and provide access to the command line on remote systems using OpenSSH.

Analyse and store logs

  • Locate and interpret relevant system log files for troubleshooting

Manage Linux networking

  • Configure basic IPv4 networking on Linux systems

Archive and copy files between systems

  • Archive files and copy them from one system to another.

Install and update software packages

  • Download and install software packages
  • Update and manage software packages from Linux and yum package repositories.

Access Linux file systems

  • Inspect and use existing file systems on a Linux system.

Use virtualized systems

  • Create and use Linux virtual machines along with KVM and

What's Included

Tutor Support

Tutor Support




There are no prerequisite for this course, however having some previous system administration experience will be advantageous.

Target Audience

IT Professionals who belong to a wide range of disciplines and need to perform essential Linux administration tasks like installation, developing network connectivity, managing physical storage and basic security administration.

Delegates who have no prior experience of Linux administration can also enrol into this course.

Delegates Will Learn How To

  • Understand command line and manage physical storage.
  • Install as well as configure software components and services.
  • Develop network connections and access to firewall.
  • Monitor and manage processes.
  • Secure as well as manage files.
  • Administer groups and users.
  • Use Linux file systems.
  • Install and use virtualized systems.
  • Review system log files and journal.

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Tutor Support


Linux System Administering Part I

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Linux System Administering Part I

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Reach Us at +44 161 884 3134 or for more information.

Linux System Administering Part I

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Linux System Administering Part I

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