Course Introduction

Assertiveness Training with Confidence Building course enables the delegates to gain all the benefits of self-confidence and learn how to empower yourself. When people are asked what it is that they would like to have instead of money, their answer is self-confidence and positive behaviour. Having self-esteem can provide numerous benefits to us and helps us to prosper in our careers and life.

It helps us to feel good about ourselves and also our self-esteem. In this training course, gain in-depth knowledge about self-confidence as well as understand your strengths and weaknesses. Understand to make use of confidence gained to beat the challenges and overcome the obstacles. Also, learn to achieve your desired goals and develop long-term strategies to build self-esteem.

Assertiveness Training with Confidence Building

Assertiveness Training with Confidence Building course helps the delegates in understanding various strategies required for a smoother workflow within the organisation including conflict handling, communicating assertively and developing personal and professional relationships. During the training program, the delegates will learn how to become more confident and comfortable while dealing with difficult situations. Moreover, the delegates will learn how to deal with workplace challenges efficiently.

Course Content

Different types of behaviour

  • Define assertive behaviour
  • Benefits of assertive behaviour
  • Difference between aggressive, passive and confident behaviour
  • Understand behaviour of humans

Assertiveness at work

  • Find own style and expression
  • Assess your style
  • Find associated strengths and weaknesses
  • Cultural and gender influence on behaviour
  • Make relationships with work colleagues
  • Develop assertive behavioural style

Understand behaviour of people according to their way

  • Transactional analysis principles
  • Assertiveness at work
  • How do others influence you?
  • Avoid games people play

Handle stressful situations, conflicts and problems

  • Tackle obstacles to assertiveness
  • Recognise how to deal with fear
  • Confront common issues that occur in the workplace
  • Resolve disputes
  • Learn to deal with difficult people
  • Raise sensitive matters

Persuasive and positive communication

  • Move from negative to positive thinking
  • Learn to say no whenever required
  • Art of persuasion
  • How self-esteem affects confidence
  • Find ways to build confidence and self-esteem

Techniques of assertion

  • Learn to take control through positive body language
  • Use assertive and decisive communication to give explicit messages
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Persuasion skills
  • Cope with criticism
  • Apply assertive techniques in different situations at workplace

Ongoing Assertiveness Development

  • Establish goals
  • Plan for implementation of actions

What's Included

Tutor Support

Tutor Support






No previous knowledge is required to attend this course. However, the candidates will gain knowledge and skills needed to deal with difficult situations.

Target Audience

  • This course is intended for the delegates who want to enhance their confidence and self-esteem
  • Delegates who wish to learn about strategies for developing self-confidence can enrol in this course
  • Enrol in this course to overcome your fear and build self-awareness

Delegates Will Learn How To

  • Become more self-confident
  • Make use of techniques for gaining emergency self-confidence
  • Understand the need for confidence
  • Know how fear has adverse effects on our self-esteem
  • How to stay confident while negotiating
  • Become more confident during meetings
  • With the help of various fun activities, explore your awareness about different self-confidence levels
  • Understand link between assertiveness, self-esteem and confidence
  • Find the best approach to use while delivering ideas and opinions to staff
  • Handle stressful situations with confidence and assertiveness
  • Able to deal with criticism, anger and other negative thoughts
  • Efficiently overcome the feelings of fear and understand how important language and body language is
  • Make better relationships with other working employees

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Key Points

Duration: 1 Day*

Tutor Support



Assertiveness Training with Confidence Building

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Assertiveness Training with Confidence Building

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Assertiveness Training with Confidence Building


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Assertiveness Training with Confidence Building

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