Cardiff is the 11th largest city of U.K in terms of area as also the capital of Wales. Not only is Cardiff the country’s main business center, it is also the base for most natural, cultural and sporting institutions. Cardiff’s population is equal to 1/3rd the population of entire Wales. According to NatGeo, Cardiff ranks sixth among tourist destinations. It also happens to be a part of the Eurocities network that in 1989 had decided to put the economic, social and political problems of the associated cities on the European agenda.


Cardiff is known to be a city of sporting venues. Cardiff came to be known as the European City of Sport as it hosted international sports events twice – first in 2009 and then again in 2014. The Millennium Stadium located in Cardiff played host to the opening ceremony and 11 football matches of the 2012 Summer Olympics. It also hosted in the same Olympics the men's bronze medal match as well.

Culture and Recreation

Cardiff is home to various cultural sites such as the Cardiff Castle, Castell Coch,, Wales Millennium Centre and Cardiff Bay. In 2008 Cardiff managed to reach the finals in the European Capital of Culture. Cardiff is also known as a tourist destination. Cardiff has been voted as the 8th best place in U.K by readers of the Guardian. Cardiff was among the top 10 cities in U.K that were listed on the website Visit Britain.


Cardiff has a dialing code of 029 which is shared with neighbouring Penarth, Dinas Powys and Caerphilly. The code is not required in case of a local call. Cardiff initially had a six-digit code but when the Big Number change took place on 22nd April 2000it got a zone number prefixed to the six-digits. The new zone code is 01222 as against the earlier one 0222 (prior to May 1995). The citizens of Cardiff are sometimes having a misconception because of this fact.






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