Course Introduction

Coaching Skills for Managers Training is one day course. This course is designed especially for managers to help them in managing their day-to-day roles and responsibilities. Moreover, they will be able to handle the change within the organisation at any level. A candidate can support the employees to develop their confidence and skills. This course allows the delegates to gain skills of coaching and encourages their team to improve the performance of the workforce in an organisation. This course enables for supporting the line managers to understand the coaching skills to obtain the practical coaching methods to do in their daily work.

Coaching Skills Training

Coaching is a crucial task for the success of every organisation. By undergoing this course, it can develop the skills of an individual to inspire and motivational guidance skills which require for creating the positive working environment. A coaching is the tool of management which improves the sense of possession, promoting the proactive as well as practical team approach while managers allow being more indulgent on the everyday issues. Coaching is the sustainable style which can reduce the stress and make people enthusiastic to participate in the work more.

Course Content

  • What is coaching?
  • Understand the needs of coaching
  • Types of coaching
  • Models of coaching
  • The roles of manager as a coach
  • Difference between Coaching and Training
  • Relationship between a coach and a coachee
  • Traits and responsibilities of an active coach
  • Needs of learning skills
  • Styles of learning
  • Personal learning styles
  • Barriers to the learning
  • Understand the listening skills
  • Structure of the coaching session
  • Setting the goals and objectives
  • How to coach the new team members
  • Define the empowerment and Delegation
  • Motivational skills
  • Feedback skills
  • Techniques of Questionings
  • Asking the right questions
  • Performance management
  • How to manage the bad performers
  • Define the validation and evaluation
  • Action plan for success

What's Included

Tutor Support

Tutor Support



Key Learning Points

Key Learning Points


  • This training course is for the managers, supervisor or leader, so there is no need of prerequisites.
  • Not required to learn the pre-course.

Target Audience

Any person can conduct this course and also suitable for those individuals who have the responsibility to coordinate the personnel in the company and managing the performance of others.

Delegates Will Learn How To

The candidates will learn about:

  • Needs of the effective coaching
  • Impacts of coaching
  • knowledge about the difference in coaching and training
  • Qualities or traits of a good coach
  • Classifying the needs, styles of learning
  • Setting the goals and objectives of coaching
  • Study about empowerment and delegation
  • Motivational and feedback skills
  • Skills to manage the performance of employees
  • Validation and evaluation phases in coaching

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Coaching Skills Training Training Calender



Key Points

Duration: 1 Day*

Tutor Support


Key Learning Points

Coaching Skills Training

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Coaching Skills Training

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Reach Us at +44 161 884 3134 or for more information.

Coaching Skills Training

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Coaching Skills Training

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