Course Introduction

Our 3 days Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration training course will help the administrators to gain the foundation base to manage and centralise applications productively in the datacenter and spontaneously deliver services to users in any place. Delegates will be trained on installation & configuration of Citrix XenApp 6.5 and Citrix Receiver & plug-in. They will also be trained on using administrative consoles and tools to configure resources, server and farm settings policies, printers and virtualized applications. Enquire today to find out how to enhance your skills by taking this Citrix Certification.

Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration

Citrix XenApp 6.5 Basic Administration course provides the foundation necessary for administrators to effectively centralise and manage applications in the datacenter and instantly deliver them as a service to users anywhere. You will receive training for installing and configuring Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2, Citrix Receiver and plug-ins, as well as for using administrative consoles and tools to configure resources, policies, server and farm settings, printers and virtualized applications.

Course Content

There would be 15 Modules in total for this course which are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6.

  • Features of XenApp.
  • XenApp Model: Components of XenApp, Single and Multiple Farm Environments, Data Store, Data Store Updates and the Local Host Cache, Data Collectors, Data Collector Election, Independent Management Architecture, Zones, XenApp Servers: Session host- only & Controllers and more XenApp Components.
  • XenApp Editions.
  • App Center.
  • Module 1 will be then followed by a Knowledge test.

Module 2: Licensing XenApp

  • Introduction to Licensing XenApp.
  • How to License XenApp: Licensing Communication; License Communication model, Types of License, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Remote Desktop Licensing, Citrix License Server, other Licensing factors.
  • License Administration Console: Delegated Administrators in the License Administration Console, Port Configuration.
  • Licensing Installation- Manual Configuration & Installation, License Server inclusions and how to remove Licensing.
  • License File Management- How to obtain & add License files, Subscription Advantages.
  • High Availability Factors- License Server Clustering & Additional License Server Processes
  • Module 2 will also include a Knowledge test.

Module 3: XenApp installation

  • An introduction on installing XenApp.
  • Server Role Manager.
  • Software Requirements.
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Installation considerations.
  • Role-based Uninstallation.
  • Dynamic Data Center Provisioning.
  • Server Configuration Tool.
  • XenApp Configuration considerations-Which Server will be used as the License Server? What all Zones or Farm can be used in the environment? Will the Shadowing be enabled? Which Database Engine will be used for the Data Store database?
  • Web Interface Installation Decisions, Information in the Data Store and Configuration Logging Databases will be protected with IMA Encryption or not?
  • Citrix XML service runs on which port? When it is required to add users to the local Remote Desktop users group? Pass-through authentication will be used in the environment or not?
  • Knowledge test.

Module 4: XenApp Administration Configuration:

  • Introduction to XenApp Administration Configuration.
  • What is Worker Groups? How to manage Worker Groups?
  • Configuration Logging: Configuration Logging Database creation, Configuration Logging Database Settings, Enabling Configuration Logging.
  • Administrator Privilege Levels: Creating Administrator Accounts, Configuring Administrator Permissions, Configuring Folder Permissions, Delegating Administration.
  • Knowledge test.

Module 5: Web Interface Installation & Configuration:

  • Introduction on Web interface installation & configuration.
  • How to install the Web Interface?
  • Web Interface Ports: Communication model for Web Interface.
  • Building a Web Interface Site, Site Creation factors, XenApp services site configuration, XenApp web site configuration options.
  • Making changes to Web Interface Site, making changes to the Web Interface Configuration File and Using the Web Interface Management Console.
  • Session preferences, Session options, Site customization options, User options.
  • Citrix Plug-ins: Automatic Plug-ins Detection, Client Detection and Plug-in deployment options.
  • Defining Citrix Plug-in Backup URLs.
  • Configuring Server: Load Balancing Configuration, Specifying the XML Communication Port, Multiple Farms Configuration, Adding Farms, Ticket Expiration settings and enabling fault tolerance.
  • Authentication options, Explicit Authentication, Pass-through Authentication, Smart Card Authentication, Citrix XML Service Trust Relationships, and Generic RADIUS support.
  • Functions of Workspace Control, Configuring Workspace Control, User customization of Workspace Control and Session termination.
  • Secure Access Configuration: Secure access methods, Network Address Translation, Network Address Translation Access Types.
  • Troubleshooting for Web Interface related issues and Web Interface Site removal.
  • Knowledge test.

Module 6: How to deliver Content & Applications:

  • Layout of delivering Content & Applications.
  • Components of VM Hosted Apps.
  • Types of Published Resource, Resource Name and Location, Resource publishing settings, Resource publishing phases, Users and Groups, Server assignment and Configured or Anonymous accounts.
  • Configuring Published Resource: Managing Connections to Resources, Disabling or Hiding a Published Resource, Session Pre- Launch.
  • Advanced Published Resource Settings: Implementing Resource limits and Client options, Access control, Resource Appearance ,configuration, Redirecting content.
  • Systemizing Published Resources for Users.
  • Application Delivery problems troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge test.

Module 7: Application Streaming:

  • Introduction on Streaming Applications.
  • Benefits of Streaming Application, Communication model for Application Streaming, Components of Application Streaming and Streaming App-V Packages.
  • Application delivery system.
  • Using Web delivery system
  • Stream Servers
  • Troubleshooting Streaming concerns
  • Installing the Citrix Streaming Profiler, Profiling Process, Creating a Profile; Profile Security Setting
  • Citrix Offline Plug-in Installation and Citrix Offline Plug-in Cache.
  • Specifying an Alternate Profile for a Published Application and Enabling the Least-Privileged User Account.
  • Application Caching, Offline Access Period, indirect membership to the Offline Access list; Offline Access period renewal, provide Offline Access, Streaming Applications Pre-Deployment.
  • Inter-Isolation Communication, types of Profile installation, Targets, Profile Preference Settings, Requirements for Profile system, Profile Properties, Limits for Profiling Applications, Target Properties and Upgrading an Application in a target.
  • Support for Streaming and Remote applications.
  • Providing Offline Access, Indirect Membership to the Offline Access List, Offline Access Period, Renewing Offline Access Period, Pre- Deployment of Streaming Applications and Application Caching.
  • Knowledge test.

Module 8: Policies Configuration:

  • Introduction to Policy Configuration.
  • Policy Rules.
  • Policy Model.
  • Policy Filter.
  • Policy Application system, Policy Changes example, Policy processing and precedence and Policy Precedence Exceptions.
  • Policy Templates support.
  • Group Policy Architecture, Group Policy Extensions and IMA-based Group Policies.
  • Knowledge test.

Module 9: Load Management Configuration:

  • Overview of Load Manager.
  • System of Load Balancing.
  • Preferential Load Balancing considerations and examples.
  • Load Calculation.
  • Making Load Balancing Policies and Force Application Streaming
  • Troubleshooting Load Management Issues
  • Configuring Custom Load Evaluators; assigning Load Evaluators to Servers and Applications and thresholds for Load management.
  • Knowledge test.

Module 10: The User Experience Optimisation:

  • An overview on the User Experience Optimisation.
  • Session Performance Optimisation: Enable Display Settings.
  • Enable HDX Plug-n- Play and Understand HDX Plug-n- Play Design Factors.
  • Enable HDX 3D Image Acceleration.
  • Enable HDX Broadcast Session authenticity.
  • Factors of HDX Broadcast Session authenticity.
  • Enable HDX 3D Progressive Display.
  • Enable HDX RealTime; Understanding HDX RealTime Design Considerations.
  • Understanding and enable the Profile Management Logon Process, User Profile Types Differentiation, Redirecting User Data, managing User Profiles and troubleshooting User Experience issues.
  • Redirecting HDX Media Stream Flash.
  • Redirecting HDX Media Stream Windows Media.
  • Knowledge Test.

Module 11: Self-Service Applications Configuration:

  • An introduction on Self-Service Applications technologies.
  • Troubleshooting concerns related to Self-Service Application.
  • Citrix Receiver for Windows and Citrix Receiver for Macintosh
  • Citrix Merchandising Server model.
  • Supported Plug-ins, Plug-in Delivery, Java client, Considerations for Installation, Clients and Receivers.
  • Knowledge Test.

Module 12: Printing configuration:

  • An Overview on Printing Definitions, Printing Security and Printer Types.
  • Workspace Control and Proximity Printing: Configuring Proximity Printing.
  • Making changes to the Default Printing Behavior.
  • Types of Printer Driver.
  • Printing Pathway Demonstration, Client Printing Pathway and Network Printing Pathway.
  • Printing Preference Hierarchy, Printing Properties and Configuring Printer Property Retention.
  • User Self-Provisioning and Printer Auto-Creation.
  • Printing Bandwidth and Printing Issues Troubleshooting.
  • Editing Network Printer Settings, Specifying the Default Printer and adding a Network Printer.
  • Citrix Universal Printer, Configuring Citrix Universal Printing, Print Preview and Enhanced MetaFile Format.
  • Knowledge test.

Module 13: XenApp Security:

  • Introduction to XenApp Security Solutions.
  • Access Gateway Communications, Securing access to Hosted Applications, access Gateway deployment scenarios, Digital Certificates and Smart Access.
  • Secure ICA.
  • Configuration of Web Interface for Access Gateway Connections, Access Gateway Settings and Access process.
  • Troubleshooting Access Gateway with XenApp.
  • SSL Relay Communication and SSL Relay Configuration.
  • Best practices for Security configuration.
  • Knowledge test.

Module 14: XenApp Monitoring:

  • Overview on XenApp Monitoring.
  • Viewing and monitoring License Usage, Viewing Historical License Data and Configuring License Alerts.
  • Health Recovery & Monitoring.
  • Accessing Farm using PowerShell.
  • XenApp Service Monitoring Components & Communication.
  • Administering Farm using Commands.
  • Workflow overview & architecture and Workflow Automation use cases.
  • Knowledge Test.

Module 15: Some additional components:

  • An overview of SmartAuditor Components and Session recording process.
  • Components of provisioning services.
  • Components of XenServer.
  • Components and process of Single Sign-on.
  • Power and Capacity Management.
  • Plug-in Branch Optimization system and Branch Repeater Components.
  • Knowledge Test.

What's Included

Tutor Support

Tutor Support



Exam Prepration Tips

Exam Prepration Tips


It is recommended that delegates know the basics of the below mentioned points before starting this course:

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Basic understanding of Windows Server networking concepts as, Load Balancing, file & printing services, IIS® & DNS.
  • Experience of Enterprise database servers or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Basic knowledge of server monitoring tools.
  • Knowledge of Active Directory and Group Policy
  • Familiarity with the concepts of VPN, certificates and SSL encryption.
  • Experience with basic system administration concepts, software upgrading procedures, logging and high availability operations.
  • Basic knowledge of application virtualization technologies, such as Citrix application streaming or Microsoft App-V
  • Basic concepts of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

Target Audience

This course is primarily planned for IT professionals, which include Server Administrators, Network Administrators & Systems Administrators who are familiar with Microsoft Windows environment. The course is also for Windows 2008 R2 administrators who are interested in becoming a XenApp administrator. Current XenApp administrators or systems engineers who intend to update their XenApp skills, getting Citrix authorised training on XenApp 6.5, or achieving certification for XenApp 6.5 are perfect candidates. Also, delegates who are Sales Engineers, System Analysts, System Engineers, Consultants and Architects can also take this course.

Delegates Will Learn How To

Introducing XenApp

  • Licensing XenApp
  • XenApp Installation
  • Installation and Configuration of StoreFront and Web Interface
  • Administrative Configuration
  • How to Configure Printing.
  • Application Streaming and App-V Integration
  • Delivering Content and Applications
  • Optimising the User Experience
  • Configuring Policies
  • Citrix Receiver
  • XenApp Security
  • XenApp Monitoring.
  • Configuring Load Management & more components.

Training Solutions at Your Convenience

Our objective has always been to address and resolve the problems of our learners in an efficient manner and improve their learning prospects. We are accustomed in providing training courses as per our learner’s convenience. We love every opportunity to use our experience to resolve difficulties confronted by learners.

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Key Points

Duration: 3 Days*

Tutor Support


Exam Prepration Tips

Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration

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