Manchester is a city situated in Greater Manchester, England with population 530,300. The history of Manchester includes civilian settlement. It was part of Lancashire. During the period of middle ages, Manchester stayed as a manorial township. During the 19th century, it expands at an astonishing rate.

In 2014, Manchester was ranked as beta world city by Cities Research Network. It is the third most visited city in the world. It is well known for media links, sports, musical exports and transport connections.The origin of Manchester name takes place from Latin name Mamucium. The citizens are referred as Mancunians.


The history of Manchester involves textile manufacture. The spinning of cotton took place in Lancashire towns and north Cheshire. This city was dubbed Warehouse City and Cottonpolis. The revolution of industry made big changes in Manchester.

Around the 19th century, it expanded at a fast rate as people assembled to the city for work from Ireland and Scotland. In this city, many industries have been developed. By 1835, it was one of the greatest industrial city in the world. Engineering industries made machines for cotton trades. The chemical industry started by creating bleaches and dyes.


The governance of Manchester is Manchester City Council. In 1986, its governance was abolished so that it can be a unitary authority. In 1301, this city was granted a charter. Until the 19th century, the government was under manorial courts.

In 1885, Bradford, Rusholme and Moss Side became part of Manchester. The formation of country borough takes place in 1889. In between 1890 and 1933, many areas have been added to the city which is administered by Lancashire County Council.


At 160 miles of London, Manchester is located in a bowl-shaped land area. The River Mersey flows in Manchester south. According to Office for national statistics, Manchester formulates settlement within Greater Manchester Urban Area.






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