Change Management Training

Change is the law of Nature and always happens. Change Management helps organisations prepare for change such that they are affected positively by the change about to take place.Like many other Project Management courses, this training comprises of three courses – Foundation, Practitioner and the combined Foundation & Practitioner certification. A delegate can either cover the first two courses individually or can take the third course as one course.

Change Management Training Courses

Change is a common and necessary component of everyday life, whether it may be expected or unexpected. Consequently, Change Management Training courses help businesses prepare for change in order to ensure that the impact of the change is always positive. Change Management is an organisation technique that aims to adopt provisions suitable for all involved. Change Management Training courses cover three main areas which are adapting, controlling, and effecting change. It is also important to deal with change in three stages: before, during, and after it is implemented, to ensure it is executed suitably. A smooth transition is desired whereby all parties are comfortable and content with the change, hence Change Management Training is valuable.

Change Management Training recognises how change can impact:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Managers
  • The overall business

There are three parts to Change Management Training: Foundation, Practitioner, and the integrated Foundation and Practitioner qualification. Candidates can choose whether to take the courses individually or together, depending on what suits them. Change Management Training courses provide candidates with all the appropriate knowledge to be successful in the Foundation and Practitioner examination.

Change Management certifications are provided by APMG who are partnered with the Change Management Institute (CMI), the global organisation centred around change, hence such qualifications are accredited and highly valuable. APMG and CMI have set the expectations and standards of change management, which candidates will learn in such training courses.


What is Change Management?

Change management is an organised approach to deal with change both from the point of view of an organisation and the individual. A little bit confusing term, change management has three different parts, including adapting to change, controlling change, and effecting change. 


Why should I take a change management course?

Change management is an essential part of project management. The project manager must inspect the proposed change and decide the effect the change will have on the project as a whole before allowing the change request to be implemented.


Who is Change Management Training intended for?

Change Management Training certifications are suitable for those interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of organisational change. There are no formal requirements for these courses so anyone can attend. 


What are the benefits of Change Management?

It helps delegate to plan efficient communication strategies. Other benefits of change management are that it decreases resistance to change. It Improves morale, productivity and quality of the job. A carefully designed approach to change reduces stress and worry and encourages people to stay loyal to the company.


Why should I complete Change Management Training?

Change Management is vital to project management. The project manager plays a pivotal role in analysing the possible change for its benefits and disadvantages and deciding the overall impact on a project before arriving at an informed decision.

Candidates learn how to:

  • To Reduce resistance towards, stress about, and fear of change.
  • To Improve quality, productivity, and morale which will, in turn, increase the standard of work produced.
  • Opportunities can derive from change management.
  • Implement effective communication strategies. 


Why take a Change Management Certification with Best Practice Training?

Best practice training provides the best training for change management. At Best practices training the trainers are very professional and experienced. Trainers are much more focused on giving solutions to the delegate query. They satisfy each and every delegate who is taking training of change management. 

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