London is the most populous city in England, United Kingdom (UK) with population 7,556,900. It is one of the global city in the area of education, media, arts, healthcare and media. London is the world cultural capital and biggest financial centre. This city has world’s largest airport. About 300 languages are spoken in this city with varying cultures.

London has world heritage sites such as Tower of London, Kew Gardens and Greenwich. This city is home to galleries and museums as well. The other famous landmarks are London Eye and Tower Bridge.

Administration of London:

There are two tiers of administration. One is citywide which is coordinated by Greater London authority (GLA). The other is Local tier coordinated by 33 authorities. GLA's headquarters are located in City Hall, Southwark. Sadiq Khan is elected as the mayor of a western capital. The mayor's statutory planning strategy is issued as London Plan.

The local authorities are Council of 33 London borough. These authorities are responsible for local services. But certain functions such as waste management are taken care by both tiers.

National Government:

London city is the seat of UK's government. The parliament of London known as the mother of Parliament. 73 Member of Parliament from the UK are elected.


London is the biggest subdivision. It's 40% part is covered by London post town. Its outermost urban expansion is protected by Metropolitan Green Belt. The Greater London is divided into Inner London and Outer London. River Thames divides this city into North and South with interior central London area.


London has a moderate oceanic climate. Even with its reputation as a rainy city, it receives less rain than Rome and Naples. In this city, winters are cool and cloudy. Snowfall rate is less. During snowfall, travel can be disrupted. Spring and autumn are mixed seasons.






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