Birmingham is one of the largest city of United Kingdom. It is situated near the geographic centre of England. It is the biggest borough of West Midlands. This city acts as an administrative and cultural centre. During the 18th century, Birmingham grew to a market town. During 1799, this city was being greeted as first manufacturing town in the world. With distinctive economic status and many small workshops, this city have extraordinary creativity levels. This great creativity and innovation is the base for the prosperity of the city. The most important invention was the industrial steam engine. In 1943, this city was bombed by German Luftwaffe. The damage done to city was recovered by redevelopment in later decades.

At present, Birmingham economy is controlled by the service sector. According to World Cities Research Network, it is an international commercial centre. The Birmingham people are known as Brummies.


Birmingham is located in the centre of West Midlands region of England. It is 1000 feet above sea level and crossed by Watershed. The city has rivers and brooks. These are River Tame with tributaries Cole and Rea. In this city, most of the area is covered by Forest of Arden of the city.


Birmingham city covers around 3500 hectares of public open space. It contains around six million trees and 250 miles of urban Brooks. The various wildlife areas are located in Woodgate Valley Country Park and Canon Hill Park.


According to 2012 survey, the population estimate was 1,085,400. It has biggest authority area. According to 2001 census, the population has grown by 99,500. The Christianity is the main religion in this city. The population is diverse here because the city has largest Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist communities. During 2001 and 2011 census, the population of Christians decreased from 59.1% to 46.1%.






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